The Importance of Regular Log Book Services

The Importance of Regular Log Book Services

There are many different types of auto services. One of the most common is the manufacturer log book service. A log book service is the minimum requirements you need to comply with to maintain your warranty and extend the life of your vehicle. A log book is provided by the manufacturer and contains the service information about what is required to maintain your warranty. It is also a handy record of all services performed over the life of your vehicle and helps to increase the re-sale value if all of the services are completed on time.

Your logbook service includes a stamp by an authorised dealer or service centre who meets all of the essential requirements to maintain your vehicle’s warranty. Your log book service doesn’t have to be completed by the dealer as long as the mechanic conducts the service in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, and is performed, qualified staff. The benefits of maintaining your log books services include the following:

Lower Repair Costs

Maintenance is often cheaper than repair. By maintaining your vehicle well and keeping up with regular log book services, you can reduce the costs of future repairs while also extending the life of your vehicle.


If something happens with your car and you need to make a claim under your warranty, a record of your vehicles regular services are necessary. If you do not have this then your warranty may be void. So, keeping up your regular log book services will not only keep your car running well, but it may also benefit you if something goes wrong while it’s still under warranty.

Vehicle Re-Sale

If you decide to sell your car in the future, having a record of your regular log book services can help you to get the best price possible. This can prove to the potential buyer that you have maintained your vehicle well and kept it in good condition.


Maintaining regular log book services is a great way to keep a history of what has been done. This can save time and money by making a mechanics job easier and allows any faults to be found early, before they become a costly problem.

Logbook auto services will help to maintain your car’s performance and extend its life. When performed by an authorised service centre, regular log book services will maintain your vehicle’s warranty and help to increase its resale value. While many people believe that you must have your car serviced at the dealer to maintain the warranty, you are free to choose an authorised mechanic or service centre. Auto Owls are a Bentley auto service who are fully licensed and insured, providing 24-hour car service appointments for your convenience. Contact our friendly team for your log book service to ensure that you maintain your vehicle’s warranty and keep your car running at its peak levels.

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