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Air Conditioning Repair Service

Are you sweating through another hot Australian summer? Typically, there is no set schedule to have your car air conditioning system serviced or repaired. However, over time, seals and other components can wear out and fail making your air conditioning ineffective. For this reason, it is recommended that you have an auto air conditioning re-gas service carried out annually.

Air Conditioning Repair Service

What is type of  car air conditioning repairs do I need?

Auto Owls is your local Auto air conditioning specialist. We will start with an air conditioning system check to identify if the system has a leak or a component failure. We will then advise you of the best way forward to get your A/C icy cold again. If you are experiencing trouble with your car’s A/C system, make Auto Owls your first choice!

What is a car air conditioning re-gas service

Our experienced technicians have over 40 years combined experience in car and truck air conditioning. At Auto Owls, we carry out air conditioning diagnosis, repairs and maintenance on all vehicle makes and models. Don’t fall for the cheap air con re-gas services that only last a week. Come down to Auto Owls today to have a professional inspection and diagnosis carried out.

When it comes to Auto Air conditioning repair services, Auto Owls is the only choice! Call today to find out more.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

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