Why Run Your Car's Air Conditioning Service in Winter

Why Run Your Car's Air Conditioning Service in Winter

It may seem counterproductive to run your car’s air conditioning system during winter, but it actually saves you a lot of money on services and repairs. Most experts advise against ignoring your car’s aircon during the colder months and there’s a good reason for it too. Here are a few benefits of running your car’s air conditioning during winter.

Dry Air

Your car’s engine needs a dry environment to run well. During winter, this environment changes dramatically due to the constant use of the heater in your car. Moisture seeps into the crevices of your engine and can cause further damage when not addressed right away. One of the easiest ways to promote dry air in your engine is through air conditioning. It is one of its primary purposes. For example, defrosting your front windshield is much faster when you turn on your car’s A/C system while your car’s temperature is hot. It acts as a dehumidifier for your car.

Avoid Future Problems

Air conditioning systems are made to run. If you don’t run your car’s A/C during the colder months, you can potentially face problems in the future. As some would say, you should either use it or lose it. If you stop using your car’s A/C, the liquids inside it such as refrigerant and oil can break down and leak. Situations like this can mean costly repairs. So be sure to keep it running even just a few minutes every day to allow the coolant to circulate. Thus, keeping the rubber seals and the rest of its parts well lubricated.

Prevent Bacteria Build Up

When you’re not using your car’s A/C during the colder months, mould and bacteria can grow within its system. Remember that time when you turned on your car’s A/C and a foul odour came rushing out, this is a sign of bacteria growing inside its system. Though there are ways to avoid this foul smell from occurring again, there’s no sense in spending a few extra bucks with your trusted repair shop when you can easily prevent the situation. Simply run your car’s A/C every day to keep the bacteria and mould at bay, and your problem is solved!

Though it may seem tedious to run your car’s air conditioning system every day, running it at a low temperature can still help your car’s overall condition. On top of that, it also helps you avoid any unnecessary costs for your next car service. Auto Owls Mechanical and Auto Electrical are focused on helping you maintain your car in the best condition whatever the season may be. Aside from providing a 24-hour car air conditioning service in Perth, their friendly and well-trained staff are always happy to answer your questions to keep your car at its optimum condition. Head on over to their shop today and get your A/C checked free-of-charge. Give them a call at 08 6220 7507 to book your appointment today!

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